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Name:heart shaped haunted attic
Birthdate:May 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Interests (150):

a certain austere opulence, a single blue flame, advocaat, agatha christie tv adaptations, aggressively tacky fake jewels, amaretto, an unearthly glow, an unhealthy palour, angular men, big earrings, big hair, biopics of murderers, candyfloss, chandelier droplets, clear plastic, clouds, cold flames, coloured flames, coloured lights in the rain, cooling towers, cranes, cream soda, creme du menthe, crime drama exteriors, crime drama interiors, cristobal tapia de veer, crushes, dark green liquids, dark red glitter nails, decanter stoppers, desperate voices, disappearances, doilies, doomed arctic expeditions, dot from line of duty, dot notebooks, drownings, emlyn williams, establishing shots, eyeballs, factory chimneys, faded seaside glamour, fake books in film and tv, faked deaths, false eyelashes, faux fur, ferris wheels, fog, forged wills, frame handbags, framed suspects, funeral attire, garnets, gas fires, gasholders, gasometers, ghost stories, ghosts, glass coffins, glass eyeballs, glow in the dark, graham greene, harsh glamour, hats with veils, hauntings, heart shaped chocolate boxes, hexes, historical conspiracy theories, hot chocolate, incompletely lit street lamps, industrial architecture, lana del rey, leopard print as a neutral, lindsay from line of duty, lit trains at night, lit windows, location shots, long baths, long pointy false nails, looking in people's windows, loose pearls, luke haines, maraschino cherries, maxine peake, mid century seances, mint sirop, missing smoking cloves, missing smoking methols, missing smoking sobranie cocktails, missing smoking vogues, muriel spark, neon signs, net curtains, one man voyages leading to madness, ornate gates, plush banquettes, pointy lads, poison pen letters, powerlines, pylons, rain, reading together by the lamp's gentle light, red lipstick of course, reflections, rooftops, rubies, ruby port, screen undertakers, sean harris, sequins as a neutral, shirley jackson, silhouettes, skylines, small glasses of sherry, snap bags, snowstorms, sodium lights, songs about crimes, songs about ghosts, songs about history, spontaneous combustion, spotted mirrors, street lights, suits, telegraph poles, telekenesis, telephone wires, the ed wood opening music, the little stranger, the red riding score, the secret history audiobook, the sound of distant trains, theremins, tombstones, tortoise shell trimmings, tower blocks, train tracks, true crime in print, turquoise lights, unexpected glimpses of the sky or an inner wrist, unknown compelling forces, unsolved mysteries, vapour trails, vistas between buildings, vocalisation samples, welcome to valhalla dale, wind in the wires, wind turbines, wires, wires like fires
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